Organizing a Training

The length and type of nonviolence training depends on the needs of the group. Preparation for civil disobedience takes 6-8 hours. Some individual workshops will take 2-3 hours, others will take longer and can be scheduled for one day or done in a series.

Your group is responsible for recruiting, arranging for meeting space, etc. Several groups may want to work together to host a workshop. The number of participants for most sessions should range from 12-25. The trainer will inform you of other arrangements and materials needed.

There is no set fee for nonviolence training sessions. The trainer’s expenses such as travel and materials should be covered by the group. Each trainer should be consulted on his or her financial arrangements.

There are nonviolence trainers in all six New England states. All nonviolence trainers are experienced in facilitating nonviolence preparation for action, however their skills in doing other types of workshops vary.

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