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Over 50 activists throughout New England who have experience facilitating nonviolence training sessions are part of the Nonviolence Trainers Network. The purpose of the Network is to make nonviolence training widely available and to provide trainers with a variety of resources. The Network, through the support of the New England War Resisters League, provides opportunities for nonviolence trainers to share skills and resources, and learn new methods of training. Trainings for those wishing to become nonviolence trainers are also organized.

Activists chain themselves to the gates of a teargas plant in Saltsburg, PA to protest shipments of C.S. gas to Israel to use against Palestinians. April 1988. Photo by Barry Lavery.

Workshops We Can Offer

Does your group want to organize a demonstration but is not sure how to maintain a nonviolent presence? Do you struggle through meetings because members lack facilitation skills? Would you like an opportunity to become more aware of racism, sexism and homophobia and learn nonviolent responses to oppression? Nonviolence trainers in New England are able to offer the following workshops:

Conflict resolution

Preparation for direct action

Nonviolent self-defense

Organizational skills


Public speaking

Strategy development


Feminism and nonviolence

Group dynamics/decision-making

Nonviolence theory and history

Nonviolent responses to oppression

Racism awareness

Campaign Building

Groups Who Use Nonviolence Training

Groups seeking social change and the empowerment of individuals (community groups, students, unions, etc.) benefit from nonviolence training, including groups working on these issues:

Peace / anti-war

Anti-corporate globalization

Youth rights

Housing and tenants rights

Labor organizing


Health care

Environmental action

AIDS action

Animal rights

Lesbian and gay liberation


Economic exploitation

Sexism, racism, homophobia and other forms of oppression

Solidarity with people in struggle



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